Logic Colloquium Stockholm - The hereditarily ordinal definable sets in inner models with finitely many Woodin cardinals

On August 14th, 2017 I gave a talk in the special session on set theory at the Logic Colloquium 2017 (August 14-20, 2017).

Abstract: An essential question regarding the theory of inner models is the analysis of the class of all hereditarily ordinal definable sets $\operatorname{HOD}$ inside various inner models $M$ of the set theoretic universe $V$ under appropriate determinacy hypotheses. Examples for such inner models $M$ are $L(\mathbb{R})$, $L[x]$ and $M_n(x)$. Woodin showed that under determinacy hypotheses these models of the form $\operatorname{HOD}^M$ contain large cardinals, which motivates the question whether they are fine-structural as for example the models $L(\mathbb{R})$, $L[x]$ and $M_n(x)$ are. A positive answer to this question would yield that they are models of $\operatorname{CH}, \Diamond$, and other combinatorial principles.

The first model which was analyzed in this sense was $\operatorname{HOD}^{L(\mathbb{R})}$ under the assumption that every set of reals in $L(\mathbb{R})$ is determined. In the 1990’s Steel and Woodin were able to show that $\operatorname{HOD}^{L(\mathbb{R})} = L[M_\infty, \Lambda]$, where $M_\infty$ is a direct limit of iterates of the canonical mouse $M_\omega$ and $\Lambda$ is a partial iteration strategy for $M_\infty$. Moreover Woodin obtained a similar result for the model $\operatorname{HOD}^{L[x,G]}$ assuming $\Delta^1_2$ determinacy, where $x$ is a real of sufficiently high Turing degree, $G$ is $\operatorname{Col}(\omega, {<}\kappa_x)$-generic over $L[x]$ and $\kappa_x$ is the least inaccessible cardinal in $L[x]$.

In this talk I will give an overview of these results and outline how they can be extended to the model $\operatorname{HOD}^{M_n(x,g)}$ assuming $\boldsymbol\Pi^1_{n+2}$ determinacy, where $x$ again is a real of sufficiently high Turing degree, $g$ is $\operatorname{Col}(\omega, {<}\kappa_x)$-generic over $M_n(x)$ and $\kappa_x$ is the least inaccessible cutpoint in $M_n(x)$ which is a limit of cutpoints in $M_n(x)$.

This is joint work with Grigor Sargsyan.

This abstract will be published in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic (BSL). My slides can be found here. A preprint containing these results will be uploaded on my webpage soon.